What’s it about?

The recent updates to the CADS Manual has greatly increased the depth of information about the skill of sit skiing, but it’s still very thin on the allied skill of tethering. And when I scan the web I can find very little information on tethering tips, tricks, drill & skills. So that’s the gap this blog seeks to fill, a place to talk about sit skiing and tethering, but mostly tethering, what’s good and bad, what’s new and interesting

Who am I?

My name is Colin, and I’m a tetherer. I’ve been tethering for about 15 years now. Mostly with the Edelweiss program within CADS-NCD but also with the Canadian Veterans Winter Sports Clinic and the American NDVWSC. I have a CADS (New scheme) Level 2 certification, and before that I had a CADS 2A (which was a sit ski specialist certification). I also have a CSIA Level 1, though I haven’t worked as paid Ski Instructor for at least 5 years. None of which makes me a world expert on sit skiing or tethering, but it does make me an experienced practitioner. I would be thrilled if people submit comments on my blogs, even if they disagree with me, we need the exchange of ideas.