Sitskis on a Poma?

Sitskis on a Poma?

There is a controversy in our sport about sit skis using drag lifts: T-bars and Poma lifts (Platter lifts). At the NDVWSC in Snowmass the top of the mountain can only be accessed by Poma, but there is a strong rule of “No sit skis on the Poma”. But I spent this week at the CADS National Festival in Sun Peaks BC, and here the sit skis use the Pomas all the time.

The sit ski has an extra tether strap, about 10 feet (3 metres)  long attached to the bucket at the outside of the knees on both sides. As the Poma passes the skier grabs the platter for a second, and loops the tether around the platter. At the top the skier dismounts by pulling on a quick release shackle where the tether attaches to the right side of the bucket (I guess on the  left side if the skier is left handed).


Finally, the skier gathers back the tether loop and bundles it under their jacket, so that it doesn’t get in the way while skiing.

It seemed effective and safe, sure the skier could fall, but so could any skier. The quick release shackle minimizes the chance of them being dragged up the hill after a fall. To be clear these were independent sit skiers, quite capable of maintaining their own balance on arm outriggers, and they were using beginner run level Poma lifts. Your mileage may vary.


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