Adapting the tethering outfit

Adapting the tethering outfit

The latest addition to my tethering outfit is a pair of old soccer shin pads. I use these when I’m tethering a quad ski (sit ski with fixed outriggers). I find that when we are loading the sit ski onto the chair lift my inside leg is close to the bucket and the pull back to get the chair fully on the lift makes the pontoon crack me in the shin. Getting hit once is no big deal, but over a day my shins are being repeatedly hit in the same spot, and even a tap hurts on an existing bruise. I could stand further away from the bucket, but that would make the lifting action inefficient.

Hence the shin pads. I wear them much higher than in soccer, roughly from the top of my boots up to my knees. Any lower and they interfere with tightening my boots. And I wear them under my ski pants in case you were wondering, They work well, I can feel the pontoons hitting, but there is no pain. So, that’s one less thing to worry about, and it’s easier to concentrate on a clean load.



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