Alan’s Nuts (NSFW)

Alan’s Nuts (NSFW)

The names in this blog have been changed to protect the innocent, but mostly the guilty. “Alan” is a sit skier I ski with from time to time. He is a good sit skier, he skis blue and black runs independently and confidently, I have difficulty keeping up with him.  But he complains that some days everything is just a bit off. On those days he skids when he meant to carve, the timing of the turns is early or late, he gets tired sooner than usual, etc. And he thinks he’s found the cause. Some days when Alan gets into his sit ski his testicles get trapped between his legs, and he is essentially sitting on them all day.

Alan’s disability is due to spinal injury so he can’t directly feel the location of his testicles , but the days when they are trapped are the days when nothing feels right. Conversely the days when his testicles are nicely nestled on top of his legs, those are the good ski days.

Alan has been known to ask the CADS volunteers skiing with him to reach in, check his ball positioning and if necessary make an adjustment, though I don’t think anyone has actually been willing to do it yet.

So what do you think? Is testicle positioning the next breakthrough focus area in high performance sit skiing? Or is Alan just nuts?


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